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Emergency and minimal contact services in times of social distancing

Getting professional cleaning and tradespeople services for a property is still possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fantastic Services, a provider of property maintenance and improvement, is staying in business by adapting to the social distancing guidelines and finding new ways to help the public.

The company is showing flexibility by pushing forward its range of “minimal contact” services.

From Garden Care and Furniture Assembly to Window Cleaning and Jet Washing, there are all kinds of property maintenance services that customers can still resort to amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Anton Skarlatov, co-founder and CEO of Fantastic Services, said “The world is changing in front of our eyes. Being flexible and adaptable is now vital for any business.”

Fantastic Services’ clients can easily arrange a minimal contact service for their property online, leaving all necessary details for the completion of the work.

With convenient online payment, there is no need for customers to come in contact with the Fantastic professionals. All the tradespeople need is access to the area where the work will take place.

In early March, Fantastic Services launched a range of Antiviral Cleaning services to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. The company has also added sanitisation and disinfection procedures to its range of professional cleaning services, further adapting to the situation.

But what would happen if a household is going through an electrical or plumbing emergency? Can those who have chosen to self-isolate still receive the help they need?

Fantastic Services is one of the biggest tradespeople services providers in London and some parts of the UK. The government has deemed such services important enough to stay available and the public can still rely on timely professional help by fully qualified and experienced professionals.

The company has fully adapted to the situation and taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of customers who require some form of property maintenance.

You can go to https://www.fantasticservices.com to arrange your minimal contact property services.

About Fantastic Services (https://www.fantasticservices.com):

Fantastic Services is one of the leading services providers in London, the North West and the South East. With 25+ services in their portfolio, they are easily the “one-stop shop” for all home, garden, and office needs. As well as in the UK, Fantastic Services is already established as a leader in Australia and the USA. Currently, 530+ franchisees and over 2,000 Fantastic professionals operate globally under the brand name. Over 300 branded vehicles cross the streets of London.

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